What is Average Time on Page?

Average time on page refers to the average amount of time that visitors spend viewing a specific page on a website.

This metric helps in assessing the quality and relevance of the content on that page, with longer average times often indicating more engaging or valuable content to users.

How to calculate average time on page

The average time on page is calculated by dividing the total amount of time spent by all users on a specific page by the total number of views that page received, minus the number of bounces and exits from that page.

By excluding bounces and exits from the calculation, you focus on sessions where the user had at least some interaction with the site that can be measured more accurately.

This approach provides a clearer picture of how engaging and effective the page is for users who interact with the content beyond just landing on it.

Here's the simplified formula for calculating the average time on page:

Average Time on Page = Total Time Spent on Page by All Users / Total Pageviews − (Total Exits + Bounces)