What is Exit Rate?

Exit rate is the percentage of all pageviews to a specific page that were the last in the session. This indicates how often users exit from a particular page relative to the number of views the page received.

How to calculate exit rate

Calculating exit rate is simply a matter of dividing the number of exits from a page by the total pageviews for that page.

Exit Rate = Number of Exits from a Page / Total Pageviews for the Page

For example, if a particular page on your site received 1,000 total views and 200 of those views were the last action users took before leaving the site, the exit rate for that page would be:

Exit Rate = 200 / 1,000 = 20%

This means that 20% of the pageviews for that page ended in users exiting the site.

Bounce rate vs. exit rate

Although bounce rate and exit rate are very similar in nature, they vary slightly in how they're calculated and what each metric represents.

While exit rate provides insight into where users are leaving after visiting multiple pages, bounce rate only measures the percentage of visitors who leave after a single page session.