What is a Weekly Active User (WAU)?

A Weekly Active User (WAU) is a metric that counts the number of unique users who engage with a website, app, or platform within a 7-day period.

How to calculate WAUs

Calculating WAUs involves identifying and counting the unique users who have engaged with your product or service in some way during a given week. As you can imagine, this can vary greatly depending on the website or application.

One of the most common ways to define a weekly active user is simply to count users as active based on their session activity. For example, a user who simply visits a website or engages with content (clicks, watches videos, etc.) can be considered active.

Beyond just visits to a website, you can also use engagement metrics that meaningfully align with the goals of your website or app. This can include making a purchase, posting a comment, or uploading a photo.

The key is to ensure that each user is only counted once per week, regardless of how many times they engage with your website.

Why measure WAUs?

Measuring WAUs provides immediate feedback on how engaging a product or service is to its users.

Unlike vanity metrics, which may only show an upward trend without indicating real engagement, weekly active user metrics provide valuable insights into how meaningfully users are engaging with your website or application.

For instance, while an app might boast increasing installs over time, tracking weekly active users can reveal whether these users actually return to the app, engage with its features, and contribute to its growth. This distinction is crucial for guiding product development, marketing strategies, and to make informed decisions that drive genuine engagement and revenue.